我们诚挚地邀请您参加我司SURGE 2017全球用户大会中国站!SURGE (Silvaco UseRs Global Event) 是EDA行业领先的技术研讨会。EDA、IP、TFT-LCD/AMOLED Display业界的专业技术人员汇聚一堂探讨新技术应用、创新应用的智能集成方法以及实现先进设计的新技术。

  • Silvaco 针对Display与IC设计产品新特性
  • 探讨Display与IC设计中的技术问题及解决方案
  • 产品规划路线图和令人振奋的技术更新
  • 动态小组讨论和执行主题演讲
  • 与来自Display与IC设计业界专家的交流机会
  • 独特的技术演示

Silvaco 中国将于2017年7月20日在上海主办SURGE。请保存日期。 我们将提供会议的详细信息, 包括主旨发言人的信息。


  • 2017年7月20日下午12:30-6:00


  • 上海红塔豪华精选酒店
  • 中国上海市浦东新区东方路889号 (2号线世纪大道站7号口900米,4号线浦电路站3号口500米)


Surge Highlights:

Sharon Fang
Welcome address Silvaco, Inc.
General Manager, Silvaco China, Sharon Fang

Sharon Fang is a seasoned executive with a distinctive combination of sales, marketing, strategic thinking and operational skills, successful track record and driving revenue growth as both an individual contributor and sales manager in EDA.

Charles Li
Keynote by HiSilicon, Inc.
CAD Team Leader, Chao Wang

Title: The Successful Application of Jivaro in HiSilicon
Chao Wang got a Master’s degree from SHU in 2008.After graduation, he joined BCD, and then Spreadtrum, and then Hisilicon as a CAD Leader, being responsible for EDA tools management, design flow establishment and etc.

David L. Dutton
Technology Updates from CEO Silvaco, Inc.
CEO, David L. Dutton

Title: Silvaco Growth Strategy with Customers
Since Silvaco announced the entry of new CEO, David Dutton in 2014, he has continued to drive the company toward its next phase of innovation and growth. Where will Silvaco go from now on? He will introduce the strategy for Silvaco’s continued growth.

Eric Guichard
Silvaco, Inc.
Vice President of the TCAD Division, Dr. Eric Guichard

Title: TCAD Overview For Microscale To Nanoscale Technology Nodes
Dr. Eric Guichard is Vice President of Silvaco’s TCAD Division. He is responsible for managing all aspects of the TCAD division from R&D to field operations.

Ke Liu
Silvaco, Inc.
Application Engineer, Ke Liu

Title: Analysis of Parasitic RCs For Advanced Nodes
Ke Liu got a Master’s degree from NUDT in 2009 and he spent lots time on memory circuit design. After graduating from NUDT, he joined Cadence and stayed there for about two years as a product engineer responsible for Spice/Fast-Spice simulators like Spectre, Ultrasim etc.

Dr Andrei Pashkovich
Silvaco, Inc.
Head of Simulation, Dr Andrei Pashkovich

Title: Simulation of Highly Structured Designs in SmartSpice Pro/ SmartSpice Advanced Features For CPU Designers
Andrei Pashkovich is Head of Silvaco's Simulation products line, overseeing the group's R&D circuit simulation, numeric algorithms and semiconductor modeling activities.

Brian Bradburn
Silvaco, Inc.
Head of EDA, Front-End/Back-End, Brian Bradburn

Title: Complete Custom Design Flow Using Silvaco
Brian Bradburn is Head of Silvaco's EDA product group, driving the design, development and vision of the front-end and back-end flow of products.

Firas Mohamed
Silvaco, Inc.
General Manager, Silvaco France, Dr. Firas Mohamed

Title: Innovative solutions for Spice Simulation acceleration and Variations Management
Dr Firas is General Manager of Silvaco France. Firas has over twenty three years experience in EDA industry.

  Jeff Elias
Silvaco, Inc.
Strategic Business Development Manger, Jeff Elias

Title: I3C Enabling the Next Generation of IOT Devices
Jeff Elias manages strategic business development for Silvaco. He has more than 20 years of semiconductor and IP experience. Jeff is also and advisor to multiple IP companies.

  WonSeok Lee
Silvaco, Inc.
Application Engineer, Won-Seok Lee

Title: Fast & Accurate Simulations for TFTs
Won-Seok Lee has over 20 years of experience in the simulation division including modeling, device physics. Mr. WS Lee received his B.S in Semiconductor Electrical Engineering from Chongju University and M.S Semicondutor Electrical Engineering from Hanyang University, Korea.

Bogdan Tudor
Silvaco, Inc.
Application Engineer, Bogdan Tudor

Title: OLED Methodology For Macromodeling Using Silvaco
Bogdan Tudor is Head of Device Characterization for Silvaco, leading the UTMOST and Modeling Service teams. He has over 20 years of experience in model development and characterization software.

Kevin Chang
Silvaco, Inc.
Application Engineer, Kevin Chang

Title: Utilizing Silvaco TCAD for Display Design and Optimization
Kevin Chang is senior application engineer to support Silvaco process and device simulator and 3D physical parasitic extraction tools. He had worked in TCAD area in semiconductor and display market more than 10 years, has lots of experience to support customer to succeed in process and device simulation.

Alex Samoylov
Silvaco, Inc.
Application Engineer, Alex Samoylov

Title: Get a Head Start on Reliability Analysis Early in Your Design Cycle with InVar
Alex Samoylov, has over 20 years of experience in the physical implementation area including power, timing, and reliability analysis for standard cell and transistor level designs.

Time Track 1
13:00 Registration
13:30 Welcome address
13:35 Technology update from Silvaco CEO
13:55 The successful application of Jivaro in HiSilicon
14:20 TCAD Overview For Microscale To Nanoscale Technology Nodes
Thyristor, IGBT, FDSOI, and FinFET are the main technologies behind automotive, IoT, and microprocessors respectively. We will review how we can simulate and optimize them using a common TCAD platform.
14:30 Analysis of Parasitic RCs For Advanced Nodes
How to find parasitic devices in your design and work around them.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:15 Simulation of Highly Structured Designs in SmartSpice Pro/ SmartSpice Advanced Features For CPU Designers
See how SmartSpice Pro helps reduce simulation time for your memory, TFT or flat panel design as well as learn the new advanced features in SmartSpice to accelerate your CPU design.
15:45 Complete Custom Design Flow Using Silvaco
Overview of Silvaco custom design flow with schematic capture (Gateway), layout editing (Expert), and physical verification (Guardian) to better equip your circuit designers.
16:15 Innovative Solutions For Spice Simulation Acceleration and Variation Management
Accelerate your design using the latest innovations in variations and reduction technologies to help improve your productivity.
16:45 I3C Enabling the Next Generation of IOT Devices
I3C is a new MIPI™ interconnect standard that represents the next generation of technology to connect sensors to application processors at much higher speeds, lower power, and lower cost. Learn more about this important new standard and how Silvaco is leading the industry with a complete portfolio of I3C IP cores for your sensor and SoC devices.
17:15 Cocktail Lounge Networking (Luck Draw)

Time Track 2
14:20 General Stress Model and Hysteresis Model Development
Learn about developments in history systems and stress.
14:30 OLED Methodology For Macromodeling Using Silvaco
Using Silvaco modeling tools such as Utmost IV and TechModeler to create a methodology for OLED macromodeling.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:15 Utilizing Silvaco TCAD for Display Design and Optimization
Designing a Flat Panel Display involves a deep understanding of key elements composing the panel. We will discuss electrical and Optical simulation of TFT, LED and OLED devices.
15:45 Get a Head Start on Reliability Analysis Early in Your Design Cycle with InVar
Get updated on best practices for ensuring robustness and ease-of-use in performing power, EM and IR drop analysis on various types of IC designs early in the design cycle using simple and minimalistic input data.
16:15 ExpertFPD: Our next generation Layout Editor for FPD & TFT Designers
See our exiting developments in the custom design space with focus on displays for all your design needs. Learn how to create your own PDKs, understand the tool flow, and see how certain features enable you to get to market faster.
16:45 Mechanisms Behind Accurate Parasitic RC Extraction
Learn how to delve behind the mysteries of parasitic extraction and solve your design challenges, Get introduced to the field solvers that enable you to be confident on your design whether it by deep-submicron, interconnect, touch panel, LCD, or further applications.